RECYCLING2meet 2011

RECYCLING2meet provides information about worldwide products, services, addresses and partners in the various recycling and disposal areas.

RECYCLING2meet – the international industry guide is a practical everyday guide for recycling facility operators and industrial plants involved in the exploitation of their by-producs. RECYCLING2meet - is a reference book including well-arranged company profiles and service specifications for organizations. Interested parties will find product information and contact information, clearly arranged by category. Besides, RECYCLING2meet is a compendium for players in the recycling and waste management industries.

RECYCLING2meet is published as a supplement to Recycling International and Recycling Technology.

RECYCLING2meet – is published annually as a bilingual print and online version – category headings facilitate the search for suitable offers.

Carrier media Print and Online

Carrier media Print and   Online

Print media:
The industry guide "RECYCLING2meet - International Waste Management Reference 2011" will be published as a booklet with the carrier media Recycling International and Recycling Technology in an English and a German edition. Your editorial entry will be published in both editions – for RT in German, for RI in English – plus bilingual online at

  • Print run: Recycling International, English, 8,000 copies
  • Print run: Recycling Technology, German, 6,000 copies

Online media:
Our web portal " – International Online Industry Guide 2011“ will have, in addition to the print editions in German and English, a corresponding bilingual website. All editorial and advertising partners shall be represented here with their own micro site, like in the print media.
The editorial partnership for all three media will be charged at € 980,- plus VAT.

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